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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Amigos Language learning programs ?

Amigos Spanish is an easy and inexpensive programs to help you improve your Spanish verb usage.  It uses a simple interface to give the beginner through advanced student a method of learning and practicing Spanish verb conjugation using tests and puzzles.

Amigos Spanish Puzzles is an fun and easy program to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary using a variety of different tests and puzzles.  It includes a vocabulary section to learn the words, and many different puzzle formats including crosswords, word search puzzles and various word games.

French Verb Games and French Word Puzzles are the French versions of the programs allowing you to practice your French verb conjugation and vocabulary using tests and puzzles


What is Amigos Number Puzzles ?

Amigos Number Puzzles generates a variety of different number puzzles - Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki and HexKakuro, in a variety of sizes and difficulty levels.  All puzzles have a unique solution.  The puzzles can be printed or solved on screen.


What is Amigos Cross Sums / Kakuro ?

Amigos Cross Sums / Kakuro generates Cross Sums number puzzles, otherwise known as Kakro or Kakuro puzzles.  The rules are easy to learn, but the puzzles are challenging, resulting in an entertaining and addictive game.  Amigos Cross Sums / Kakuro produces an endless variety of puzzles in any of 5 difficulty levels and 4 grid sizes.  All puzzles have a unique solution.  The puzzles can be printed or solved on screen.


What computer system do the Amigos programs require ?

The Amigos Spanish and French programs are available for Windows and Mac.  Amigos Number Puzzles and Amigos Cross Sums are currently only available for Windows.  The Windows versions will work on all Windows systems  (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista).  The Mac versions will work on all Mac OS X systems.

The programs require minimal system resources.  You need a display size of at least 800 by 600 pixels to display the programs.


How much does it cost to buy the Amigos programs ?

The Amigos Spanish program and the French Verb Games program cost U.S. $25 each

The Amigos Spanish Puzzles program and the French Word Puzzles program cost U.S. $20 each.

Amigos Number Puzzles and Amigos Cross Sums cost U.S. $15 each.


Or take advantage of our special offers :  Buy both Spanish (Amigos Spanish + Amigos Spanish Puzzles) or both French programs (French Verb Games + French Word Puzzles) together for U.S. $35 -  a savings of $10.

Please e-mail for pricing for other program combinations.


Can I try the programs before I buy them ?

Yes, you can download trial versions of the programs by clicking here.  The trial versions are fully functional so that you can fully evaluate the software, but have some restrictions as follows :

The Amigos Spanish and French Verb Games trial versions include 10 common Spanish / French verbs, rather than the 700 verbs included in the full programs.

The Amigos Spanish Puzzles and French Word Puzzles trial versions for Windows includes 90 words, all from the Animals category.  The Amigos Spanish / French Puzzles trial version for Mac OS X includes 60 words. within 6 different categories.  The full versions have over 2500 words and expressions in over 75 categories and sub-categories.

The Amigos Number Puzzles trial version does not include puzzle creation but allows solving of a variety of previously created puzzles of each puzzle type.  The full version includes unlimited puzzle creation of all sizes and puzzle types. 

The Amigos Cross Sums trial version allows puzzle creation of small easy puzzles and also allows solving of previously created puzzles of each puzzle size.  The full version includes unlimited puzzle creation of all sizes. 


How do I buy the Amigos programs ?

Clicking the Buy now button directs you to our online store, powered by Plimus, where you can order the products.  Within a few minutes of completing your order, you will receive an e-mail message with your personal registration code and instructions on how to download the program(s) to your computer.  Please make sure that you do not have anti-spam filters installed that may prevent this e-mail communication.

Plimus offers a variety of payment options :  Major credit cards, PayPal, Cheques, Wire Transfers and Money orders. Payments can be made either online, by fax, by mail or by phone.  Just select your preferred payment method on the order form and follow the instructions.


Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, it's totally safe. Plimus, uses the highest level of encryption throughout the entire order and setup processes.


What is your privacy policy ?

We respect your right to personal privacy and will not share, sell, lend or otherwise make use of any of your personal information.  We use Plimus as our e-commerce provider and they collect information as necessary to complete your order.  Their privacy policy can be viewed here.


Do you give free upgrades and replacement copies of the software ?

Yes, any upgrades are free.  Just follow the link from within the program to check for upgrade information and instructions.

If your computer crashes and you need a replacement copy of the program, please e-mail us giving your name, registration number and the e-mail address you used when you purchased the product and we will send you a replacement.


What if I have questions, problems or suggestions for upgrades ?

The programs includes instructions, hint screens and help files.  If you still have questions, please go to our Contact us page and send us an e-mail.  Amigos Software strives to answer all e-mails within 1 business day of reception.  When sending us e-mail, please include your name, registration code and the e-mail address you used when you purchased the product.  We are also happy to answer your questions if you are just using the trail version of the program.

We want you to be happy with our programs and take any problems seriously.  We are also interested in any ideas and suggestions that you have for improvement and will upgrade the programs where feasible from your comments.